Supporters of CRSBI

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Academic supporters

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture has attracted the backing and encouragement of many distinguished scholars of the medieval built environment, including

Other supporters 


CRSBI is proud to be a British Academy Research Project.

Government bodies, Foundations and individual people who have given donations to the CRSBI project: 


Arts Humanities Research Council, Allies & Morrison, The British Academy, The Paul & Louise Cooke Endowment, English Heritage, Nicholas Ferguson CBE, Eric Fernie CBE, Sam Fogg, Lady Getty, Tim and Geli Harris, The London Art History Society, Kathryn Morrison, John Osborn, Nigel Pilkington, Sir Paul Ruddock, and University of Warwick

Without the support of the people listed the CRSBI project would not be able to continue.  We are very grateful to our sponsors, and our work continues.

Institutional bodies and companies who have generously supported CRSBI in kind:

The British Academy, Christie's Education, Côte, Courtauld Institute of Art, King's College London, 187 Fleet Street, Sam Fogg Gallery, Richard Philp, and The University of Warwick.