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St Mary the Virgin, Bampton, Oxfordshire

Parish church, formerly quasi-collegiate church

St Mary's is a large church, now consisting of chancel, N vestry, S chancel chapel, N transept with E chapel, S transept with W chapel, ...



Church (ruin)

Nave and chancel church. The nave (length 10.65 m x width 6 m) appears to be of 12thc. date. It is rubble built and raised on ...


St Andrew, Banwell, Somerset

Parish church

The large village of Banwell lies at c.8m above sea-level at the foot of the N slope of the W end of the Mendip Hills, ...


All Hallows, Bardsey, Yorkshire, West Riding

Parish church

'Nowhere in the neighbourhood of Leeds can the archaeological growth of a parish church be better studied, with the survivals in situ, in spite of ...

Barford St John

St John, Barford St John, Oxfordshire

Parish church, formerly chapel

Barford St John, together with Barford St Michael, are paired villages lying 5 miles S of Banbury in the rolling countryside of north Oxfordshire. Both ...

Barford St Michael

St Michael, Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire

Parish church

The church stands on a steeply-sloping hill which, although basically natural, may have been scarped artificially. It consists of a chancel, nave, S aisle, and tower ...


St Giles, Barham, Huntingdonshire

Parish church

St Giles consists of a chancel, and a nave with a N aisle and a S doorway under a porch. The S doorway dates the ...


St Margaret of Antioch, Barking, Essex

Parish church, formerly chapel

Barking lies in the angle between the N bank of the Thames and the E bank of the River Roding, and was centred on its ...

Barking Abbey Curfew Tower, Barking

Barking Abbey Curfew Tower, Barking, Essex


The Curfew Tower (or Fire Bell Gate) formed the E entrance to the abbey precinct, and is the only abbey building remaining. It is a ...


St Nicholas, Barkston, Lincolnshire

Parish church

Though the crocketed spire on the W tower is 15th c., the rest of the tower, the nave with its S aisle, and the chancel are ...


St Margaret, Barley, Hertfordshire

Parish church

The church has chancel, nave with N and S aisles and N porch, and W tower with a vestry attached on the S. The church ...


St Edward, Barlings, Lincolnshire

Parish church

Isolated in a field, this unusual looking church consists of a nave and a chancel.  The coursed, rubble, nave walls may be 13th century, like ...


All Saints, Barmer, Norfolk

Parish church, redundant

A small, redundant, two-cell, round-towered church, All Saints stands isolated and all but inaccessible in the middle of a field, completely engulfed by tall trees.  ...


All Saints, Barmston, Yorkshire, East Riding

Parish church

Barmston is a village on the Holderness coast, about 6 miles S of Bridlington.  The church, which is Grade 1 listed, lies adjacent to the ...


St John the Baptist, Barnack, Soke of Peterborough

Parish church

St John the Baptist's church has an early 11thc. W tower with an octagonal upper storey and broach spire of c. 1200, an 11thc. nave ...

Barn Acre Cottage, Borough Marsh

Barn Acre Cottage, Borough Marsh, Berkshire

Private house

Borough Marsh is an island surrounded by the rivers Thames and Loddon and their tributaries, between Shiplake and Wargrave. These gateposts with beakhead voussoirs built ...

Barnburgh / Barnbrough

St Peter, Barnburgh / Barnbrough, Yorkshire, West Riding

Parish church

Barnburgh is seven miles west of Doncaster. The honey-coloured stone church stands high in a village of which the older houses are of the same ...


St Mary, Barnham, Sussex

Parish church

The church has a single nave, with a square weather-boarded bell-cote at the W end. There are two Norman windows on the S side, and ...


St Helen, Barnoldby-le-Beck, Lincolnshire

Parish church

Taking the S doorway as a reference, the nave with its three-bay N and S aisles was likely built in the 13th c.  The chancel is probably ...


St Mary the Virgin, Barnsley, Gloucestershire

Parish church

The church is 12thc in origin. It has alterations and additions from every subsequent century and was thoroughly restored by James Park Harrison in 1843-47 ...