Tower, upper opening, from nave.

Image of the feature "Wall passages/Gallery arcades: Tower openings" at Attleborough.

by Jill A Franklin.

Bell openings

Above the W crossing arch, on the W (nave) face of the tower there are two round-headed openings, one above the other, slightly out of alignment, lighting a two-storey wall passage. Both openings have an outer pair of half-shafts on the wall plane and an inner pair with a rounded section. The shafts appear to be made of plastered rubble rather than ashlar. There are no capitals; the shafts support imposts, those in the upper openings again rather crudely modelled. In both openings, the arch is decorated with a row of double-cone ornament pinched at regular intervals by scalloped clasps, sometimes paired, and with syncopated double disc (radial billet) on the label.

Tower wall passage

The two-storeyed wall passage within the tower opens into the central space through internal arcades composed of round-headed arches decorated with a single roll. The arcades are supported on short rectangular piers with chamfered edges and plain chamfered imposts and terminals. Below the arcades, a string course carved with a spiral ornament runs around around the wall at the level of the bell platform floor.