SE pier, E face: bases

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: Crossing: E arch" at Attleborough.

by Jill A Franklin.

The E face of the blocked E crossing arch is preserved on the exterior of the building, including the outer of the two arch orders with its S-shaped section.

NE crossing pier, E face

The nook shaft on the E face of the NE crossing pier supports a foliated sheathed cushion capital with a quirked and chamfered impost. Flanking the arch at a short distance are the remains of a nook shaft, flat leaf capital and quirked and chamfered impost, vestiges of the lost Romanesque chancel, possibly indicating that that it was rib-vaulted. (Thurlby 1996, 153-4)

SE crossing pier, E face

As above, with the NE crossing pier, E face.