Font from NW

Image of the feature "Fonts: Disused Font" at Dunton.

by Ron Baxter.

The font is now in the vestry under the W tower, set in the SE angle. It consists of a plain square bowl set on a modern mortar rendered support of the same plan as the bowl. The bowl itself is undecorated as far as can be judged. It has marks of lock removal on the rim in the middle of the E and W sides, and a circular basin. The interior of the basin, and much of the two visible faces and the upper rim are repaired with mortar. The font is unlined. 


Height of bowl 0.340 m
Height of font 0.975 m
Internal diameter of basin 0.55 m
Width of bowl at rim (E-W) 0.69 m
Width of bowl at rim (N-S) 0.64 m