Pillar piscina from NW

Image of the feature "Piscinae/Pillar Piscinae: Pillar piscina" at Addington.

by Ron Baxter.

Set against the S wall of the chancel, alongside the altar, it consists of a hollowed-out trefoil scallop capital supported on a cylindrical shaft in three en-delit sections, and this on a low bulbous base on a square plinth.  Only the capital is original, and this has flat shields, conical wedges between the cones, and the central cone of the front face has a vertical tuck in its centre.  The necking is a plain roll and the abacus, above the shields, is decorated with a row of sawtooth that survives on the N and E faces only.  The basin in the top is small and round with a drilled drain-hole, and is unusual in having a stone stopper, although it is not known whether this is original or Street’s contribution.  The capital is generally worn, the W face has been cut back and there is a large loss to the upper NW angle.  The necking is badly chipped. 


Depth of capital (projection from wall) 0.19m
Height of capital 0.20m
Width of capital (N face) 0.23m