Nave S doorway archovolts, W section

Image of the feature "Doorways: Nave, S doorway." at Dalmeny.

by James King.

Round headed, 3 orders. The main entrance (and only original doorway) to the church, located on the south side of the nave, consists of a highly decorated doorway surmounted by a series of blind interlacing arches above which are seven corbels.  The doorway, itself, is carved with radiating voussoirs, all of which are original except for the inner order which dates from restorations carried out  between 1927 and 1934. Because of severe weathering of the stone, much of the original detailing no longer survives.


1st order (modern), doorway exterior height 3.05m
1st order (modern), width between jambs on exterior 0.88m
2nd order, E capital, depth 0.205m
2nd order, E capital, height 0.245m
2nd order, E capital, width 0.215m
2nd order, height 3.25m
2nd order, W capital, depth 0.21m
2nd order, W capital, height 0.25m
2nd order, W capital, width 0.205m
2nd order, width (between bases) 1.34m
2nd order, width (between capitals) 1.36m
2nd order, width (between imposts) 1.30m
3rd order, E capital, depth 0.23m
3rd order, E capital, height 0.245m
3rd order, E capital, width 0.25m
3rd order, W capital,depth 0.205m
3rd order, W capital, height 0.25m
3rd order, W capital,width 0.255m
E imposts, height 0.17m
interior height of doorway 3.46m
interior width of doorway (between jambs) 1.345m
W imposts, height 0.16m