Sarcophagus, W end of S face.

Image of the feature "Tombs/Graveslabs: Sarcophagus." at Dalmeny.

by James King.

A few medieval grave coverings survive inside the church, but none of these appear to be romanesque.

There is, however, a large sarcophagus cut from a single stone outside the south entrance. The west end of the stone has been cut out to accommodate the head of the interred. The sarcophagus is decorated on three sides only and it seems likely that it once stood inside the church against one of the north walls. The lid is no longer with the sarcophagus, but one was reported to have been found with the sarcophagus though it's present whereabouts is unknown. According to the 1845 reference, the lid was also decorated. This same reference also states that the coffin and lid were originally found when a grave belonging to the Stewarts of Craigie was dug, but no date is given as to when this occurred.

North Exterior Side: no carved work.

West Exterior Side: There is a large figure carved on this side.  It is greatly weathered and no longer entire, but it appears to have originally represented a quadruped.

South Exterior Side:  Originally the carving seems to have shown 13 long-robed figures under arches, the central figure larger than the others.  It has been postulated that this is a representation of Christ and the 12 Apostles.  The northernmost figure has now largely broken away and all the figures are badly weathered.

East Exterior Side: Representation of a large quadruped with right paw raised.  The tail seems to have extended up over its back.  Part of the head is missing and most of the animal is badly weathered.


distance from church 3.80m
height (approximate) 0.53m
length 2.30m
width at E end 0.58m
width at W end 0.75m