Apse SE corbel.

Image of the feature "Apse: Apse vault" at Dalmeny.

by James King.

The apse is covered with a quadripartite rib vault, whose ribs have a half-roll on the soffit and a hollow on each side face. There are four interior corbels with imposts in the E apse, each supporting one of the vault ribs.  The corbels are carved with a series of heads and masks, but only two imposts have carved decoration (at the NE and SE).


height of imposts 0.17m
NE corbel depth 0.20m
NE corbel height 0.24m
NE corbel width 0.28m
NW corbel depth 0.19m
NW corbel height 0.25m
NW corbel width 0.29m
SE corbel depth 0.19m
SE corbel height 0.24m
SE corbel width 0.28m
SW corbel depth 0.21m
SW corbel height 0.25m
SW corbel width 0.285m