E apse, E side.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Apse corbel table" at Dalmeny.

by James King.

Apse Corbels:  There are 24 roof corbels on the apse exterior.

A1. Two rolls placed one on top of the other.

A2. Grotesque beast head with tongue-like form projecting out from its mouth.

A3. Humanoid head with mustache.

A4. Grotesque beast head.

A5. Humanoid head.

A6. Grotesque beast head with mustache-like decoration.

A7. Grotesque beast head.

A8. Grotesque beast head, its hands holding open a wide mouth with tongue.

A9. Humanoid head with open mouth and extended tongue.

A10. Grotesque beast head with hands holding open a circular mouth with a circular row of teeth.

A11. Humanoid head with oval shaped mouth.

A12. Beast head with muzzle around its jaw.

A13. Grotesque beast head.

A14. Bearded humanoid head with hands holding open its oval-shaped mouth.

A15. Beast head with harness or muzzle formed by two connecting straps, one around the jaw and one around the upper part of the head.

A16. Grotesque beast head with curved forms over its temples (horns?).

A17. Bearded grotesque beast head.

A18. Horned, ram-like head.

A19. Grotesque beast head with open mouth and small tongue.

A20. Two, joined humanoid heads.

A21. Grotesque beast head.

A22. Grotesque beast head with oval mouth.

A23. Grotesque beast head with large open mouth and tongue (replaced?)

A24. Badly weathered corbel of indeterminate form (not illustrated).