Chancel, N wall central corbels

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Chancel N side corbel table" at Dalmeny.

by James King.

There are 11 roof corbels on the N exterior wall of the chancel.

NC1. Grotesque beast head with prominent eyebrows.

NC2. Weathered corbel of indeterminate form.

NC3. Grotesque beast head with flaring nostrils, prominent eyebrows and open mouth with tongue protruding.

NC4. Fox-like head with pointy ears.

NC5. Grotesque beast head with prominent eyebrows and wide mouth.

NC6. Grotesque beast head.

NC7. Grotesque beast head with prominent eyebrows and pointy mustache.

NC8. Quadruped with open jaw and tail curving down between its legs and up over its back.

NC9. Alternating rows of billet.

NC10. Foliate form with lower and upper leaves and two interlacing stems.

NC11. Humanoid head with protruding eyes, flaring nostrils and wide toothed mouth with tongue.