E apse, E window, S side.

Image of the feature "Windows: Apse E window" at Dalmeny.

by James King.

Two orders, round headed. The plain and continuous inner order of the window arches is not original, but most of the 2nd order is, except for the N impost.  The label decoration consists of three rows of alternating billet.  The archivolt is carved with chevron which curves over the lower edge of the archivolt.  The S impost has a plain upper face with lower roll, beneath which is a chamfered edge. Only the S capital's decoration is still clearly identifiable, but the N capital appears likely to have been similar.  The decoration on each of the two carved faces of the of the S capital consists of two concave stemmed volutes, those on the corner meeting along the edge of the volutes, themselves. Beneath the corner volutes is carved a motif with concave stem, topped with a central point flanked on each side by a spiral. Across the stem, itself, are carved two small roll mouldings.