Font bowl, N face, high view

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Little Thurlow.

by Ron Baxter.

The font is at the W end of the nave. The bowl is square with a slight chamfer on the upper rim and a deep one on the lower. There are slender engaged shafts at the angles, with tiny inverted cushion bases and cushion capitals with dished shields decorated with zigzag and roll neckings. Each face of the bowl has a rectangular field outlined by a groove containing a foliage motif in relief as follows:

E face: A large lily with triple-lobed lower terminals and pellets between the upper lobes. A damaged area at the tip of the central lobe indicates the loss of a third pellet. The lily is surrounded by a double-grooved ring, pointed at the top, and in the spandrels between this ring and the corners of the rectangular field are four more lilies, pointing towards the angles of the rectangle.

N face: From a central node rises a furled leaf, pointing upwards, and four long fluted leaves; two curving upwards and two downwards. These intersect a fluted loop that encircles the central motif, formed of a heart-shaped stem that emerges from the bottom of the central node and returns to it. Of the four intersecting stems, two cross over the encircling loop and two under it. They all terminate in simple leaves in the spandrels of the rectangular field. Interstices between the stems are decorated with pellets.

W face: A pair of heart-shaped stems are carved above and below a central pellet; the upper inverted and the lower upright, and both terminating in lilies where a point would be expected. from the lobes of each heart emerge fluted stems, four in all, growing towards the four corners of the rectangular field. Each terminates in a spiral and a flower.

S face: A small octagonal field in the centre encloses a Cross Patonce in relief.

The bowl is circular within and lined with lead. Its exterior is painted, but a mortar repair can be seen on the Eern rim. It stands on a pained square shaft with a double-chamfered base, both later.


ext. w. of bowl (E-W) 0.755 m
ext. w. of bowl (N-S) 0.745 m
h. of bowl 0.58 m
int. diam. of bowl 0.59 m
overall h. of font 1.24 m