General view of arch, 1

Image of the feature "Doorways: W portal to tower" at Kirkby Lonsdale.

by James Cameron.

The W doorway is an impressive piece, but is very worn and was probably reassembled in 1705 when the upper stories of the tower were rebuilt. The first order is the best preserved, two orders of lateral chevron, curved section, as on the S door. Here every unit of chevron is on its own voussoir. The inside of the doorway, the chevron on the soffit, and a plain door to the stair can be seen from inside the tower.

The second order has a chequered, scaled motif of adjacent recessed and raised squares. The third order is basically a saltire cross with foliate ornament in the interstices. The fourth, outer order is mostly blank stones of varying sizes, except for the left voussoir, perhaps a tall warrior figure, and the adjacent voussoir, which is definitely a coiled serpentine dragon. Above this is a similarly plain label.

Each order is supported by a reeded capital. The outer two pairs have free-standing shafts (entirely replaced), the inner two are engaged (original).


Height of opening 315 cm
Width of opening 163 cm