Nave, S clerestorey, E window, interior, E side, capital.

Image of the feature "Windows: Nave, S clerestorey (two windows)" at Denny Abbey.

by Ron Baxter.

Both windows are round-headed and of two orders on the exterior. The first order is continuous with a slight step for glazing and a slight chamfer. The second has en-delit nook-shafts on attic bases, capitals with roll neckings and hollow chamfered imposts with angle rolls between face and chamfer, and an arch with an angle roll. Differences are in the capitals as follows:

E window, E capital: multi-scallop with zigzag shields finished with an angle roll at the lower edge and cylindrical slipped scallops.

E window, W capital: multi-slipped scallop.

W window, E capital: triple zigzag scallop.

W window, W capital: as E window E capital but better preserved.

On the interior the windows are of two orders, the first continuous and deeply splayed, the seond with en-delit nook shafts on hollow chamfered or low attic bases. Imposts and neckings are as on the exterior, but the arch has a keeled angle roll and face hollow. Capitals are described below:

E window, E capital: triple scallop with leaf-shaped, concave scallops bearing central conical ribs, and pointed shields.

E window, W capital: badly damaged but probably as E capital. There are remains of pointed shields.

W window, E capital: waterleaf.

W window, W capital: triple scallop with groove defining lower edge of shields.