S face, W side of arch

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Scallop capital inside room off NW section of nave" at Dalston.

by James King.

The scallop capital has been built into the NE interior corner of a room. It is clear that the capital was originally attached on one side, but the decoration on the S side cannot be fully determined, as it continues into the wall. The W side is the only complete visible face of the capital. It is carved with two scalloped shields, edged with a double roll of beading set into concave bands. The centre of each shield is carved with a foliate motif with three leaves. The lower cones of the capital are also carved, one with a single foliate form with three leaves emerging at the top. The other is also foliate, but is carved to show a fruit motif, with criss-crossed incised lines, flanked on each side by a leaf. Between the cones is carved a tree- or bush-like motif with concave branches or leaves pointing upwards.The N corner of this face of the capital is carved with an undecorated, pointed shape, but the outer S corner has a large fruit with criss-crossed lines. Beneath this is what appears to be two leaves above a chevron pattern formed by two small roll mouldings.

On the S side of the capital is a another scallop, edged with two bands of beading, but without a decorated centre. Part of a second, beaded scallop appears E of this. The only visible cone on this side is decorated with a triple-leafed motif. Next to this, and probably in the centre of the capital originally, is a motif which resembles a pine tree, with plain central ‘trunk’ and concave ‘branches’. It is similar to the motif on the W side of the capital, but the branches point downwards. The top of the capital is carved with a small plain roll moulding and the necking on the bottom of the capital is flat on its outer face.


Diameter of bottom face 0.255 m
Height 0.30 m
Width of S face 0.18 m
Width of W face 0.31 m