Tympanum, centaur detail

Image of the feature "Doorways: S doorway" at Kencot.

by Janet Newson.

The S doorway is of one order and consists of a round-headed arch framing a carved tympanum. The bases feature a double torus and triangular corner spurs; the R base is in better condition. On the sides, detached cylindrical nook shafts have a plain roll necking. On the L, the cushion capital is decorated with a shield on the S face bearing a two-stepped recessed panel, and there are setting-out lines for a similar panel on the E face. The R capital is similar to the L one, but with the recessed panels on the shields complete on both faces. The imposts have a chamfer below an upright decorated with a frieze of chip-carved saltire crosses within squares. In the arch there is a large edge roll moulding below a hollow, with a fillet between them. Only a few fragments remain of the label, which must have been chamfered on the inner side and with the face decorated as the impost uprights.


depth of tympanum 0.24m
Height of opening 2.06m
Height of tympanum 0.64m
Width of opening 1.00m
Width of tympanum 1.02m