S choir aisle wall (interior), bay 2 window, W capital

Image of the feature "Windows: S choir aisle wall, bay 2." at Chester.

by Ron Baxter.

This time the original exterior survives, having been protected for a long period by the upper storey of the 13thc. treasury. The interior, in contrast, has been exposed to the elements since the Reformation and is badly worn. The exterior is round headed and of two orders. The 1st is plain and continuous with a chamfer. The 2nd is carried on coursed angle shafts with tall, worn bases. Only the west capital and both imposts survive. The west capital has a single scallop to the south face and two on the east face. All shields are recessed and there is a row of cable defining their upper edges. The cones are plain and the necking is a row of cable. Both imposts have the same design as the interior east impost of the window in bay 1 (see III.2.(i) above). The arch is carved on the face with lateral, centrifugal chevron; two quirked rolls with a hollow between them. It is very unevenly eroded. Outside this is a course carved with a design of nested saltires with pellets in the lozenges, similar to the design of one of the loose stones (see VI.a.4 below). The interior of this window is disastrously worn, but enough survives to say that it was of two orders, the first continuous with an angle roll, and the second on nook-shafts with capitals supporting impost blocks. In other words the design was more or less as the interior of the window in bay 1.