Central choir chapel arch, N capitals from SE

Image of the feature "Chancel arch/Apse arches: Main apse chapel arch" at Chester.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, three orders to W, two to E.

1st order (shared): Half-column responds in the embrasures. The E half of the N capital is lost, but it was apparently a broad block capital with a plain roll necking, carved with a design of interlacing foliage stems still visible on the surviving W section of the capital. The N impost block is chamfered with a row of fan-shaped leaves on face and chamfer. This design survives only on the W section of the block. The S capital was apparently of similar form but no details of its decoration nor that of the S impost survive. The arch has a square profile with angle rolls and face hollows to E and W.

2nd order W face: Traces of coursed nook shafts survive, with extremely worn capitals on either side, perhaps cushions (see S capital). These are carved from the same block as the 3rd order capitals. Imposts were apparently chamfered but are very worn now. The arch has an angle roll and face hollow.

2nd order E face: Coursed nook shafts support capitals too worn to describe. The arch has an angle roll and face hollow.

3rd order W face: Coursed half columns on the wall face support worn capitals, the S better preserved and apparently square in plan. As has been said, these are carved from the same block as the second order capitals. The imposts are again chamfered but worn, and the arch has an angle roll and face hollow terminating at the extrados in a lip to act as a label.