Choir N arcade bay 1, W capitals

Image of the feature "Arcades: N choir arcade" at Chester.

by Ron Baxter.

Stilted round-headed. Bay 1 survives, now blocked and forming the lower part of the S wall of the 1886-87 NE tower. Only the S face is visible. The arch is of three similar orders, each with an angle roll and face hollow. The supports are alternately compound and cylindrical.

W respond, two orders: 1st order carried by a coursed half-column with a multi-scallop capital of two scallops on the short face and three visible on the main face. There are double wedges between the scallops of the short face, and between the second and third scallop of the main face. The 2nd order is on a coursed nook shaft, and the capital is a double scallop with wedges between the scallops. Neckings are plain rolls, and the imposts plain quirked chamfered, and either recut or replaced.

Pier 1: A quadrant of the cylindrical pier is still visible, with a circular multi-scallop capital with wedges between the scallops, roll necking and a circular quirked chamfered impost, original but for a short section towards the inside of the embrasure.