Nave N triforium, bay 2

Image of the feature "Triforium: Nave N triforium" at Chester.

by Ron Baxter.

Four bays, each with an arcade of four pointed arches carried on en-delit shafts applied to either side and the front face of a square core. The shafts have triple-roll annulets at their midpoints and are carried on attic bases. The E capitals of Bay 1 have palm-like flat leaves at the angles, with a beaded upper rim to the bell. All other capitals in bays 1, 2 and 3 are of flat-leaf form with crockets at the tips. In bay 4, the capitals of the E respond are also of this form, those of shaft 1 are a more developed stiff-leaf with thin roll abaci and no imposts, and the rest are moulded without imposts. Imposts are chamfered. The arches are of two orders, each with a keeled angle roll and a face hollow except in bay 4, where the angle rolls are filleted rather than keeled.