Choir S aisle wall, bay 1 string course above wall arcade, E end

Image of the feature "String courses: S choir aisle wall" at Chester.

by Ron Baxter.

A richly-carved broad string course above the blind arcade, at the level of the window sills. Parts of it survive in bays 1 and 2.

Bay 1: At the W end of the bay, two lengths each carved with three regularly spaced bosses, each surrounded by an irregular tangle of hooked leaves rising from the lower edge of the block. At the E end of the bay, one length and part of a second. The complete length has four regularly spaced bosses, each clasped by an annular stem, open at the top. A stem running along the lower edge rises in sharp vees between each of these units. Above them is a row of cable. The incomplete length has the same design but is only half as long.

Bay 2.:Six lengths of worn string course survive, carved with the same design as appears at the E end of bay 1.