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The chevron fragment was discovered among later material in the stone store at Inch Abbey. The original find circumstances are unknown.


Inis Cumhscraigh, a pre-Norman monastery, slightly north of a Cistercian foundation (Hamlin 1977, 85), appears to have functioned into the 12thc.  The Cistercian abbey was founded in the 1180s by John de Courcey as a daughter house of Furness in Cumbria. 

The fragment is now stored at the DOENI (Department of the Environment Northern Ireland) stone store at Castlewellan. 


Loose Sculpture


The fragment, which could be from a door jamb, is carved on two faces, separated by an angle roll (0.05 m diam.) between two narrow plain mouldings. One face of the fragment has a single row of lateral centripetal chevron flanked by slightly squared pellets. The other face is not so distinct owing to damage or weathering. It has what appear to be two rows of chevron, placed close together between hollows.  The underside of the fragment is rough dressed, but there are no visible tool marks.  The upper surface is damaged.


depth 0.24 m
height 0.125 m
width 0.25 m


The fragment probably came from a doorway. Beaded, lateral centripetal chevron is found at Kilmore (Cavan), Mona Incha (Tipperary) and the Nun’s Church, Clonmacnoise (Offaly).

An image of the jambstone is included in Hamlin's article (pl.8a), and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Ulster Archaeological Society.


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Chevron fragment.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
J 477 455 
pre-1973 traditional (Ulster): Down
now: Down
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Ruined abbey church  
Report authors
Hazel Gardiner 
Visit Date
10 Aug 1998