S chancel corbel SC2 (Image courtesy of Conway Library).

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Chancel, S side corbel table (9 corbels)" at Kilpeck.

by George Zarnecki.

The corbel table has a lower angle roll decorated with two-strand cable, and above this a row of heavy beading and at the top a row of sawtooth. Corbels are numbered from left to right (W to E). Again there are differences between Thurlby's interpretations of what is lost and the present author's.

SC1 (T20). Lost but for a curved profile to the lower left of the block.

SC2 (T21). Smooth, tapering beast head shaped like the bowl of a wineglass, with large vertically-set drilled almond eyes, pointed ears and tongue projecting from the mouth.

SC3 (T22). Daisy with three rings of fluted petals.

SC4 (T23). Lizard-like head with large vertically-set drilled almond eyes, triple cusped upper lip and mouth open to show the tongue. This corbel was reset further east than its original position when the later window was added.

SC5. Broken off.

SC6 (T24). Largely lost. The hind legs of a beast and a pair of straight legs or arms remain at the bottom.

SC7 (T25). Replaced with chamfered block.

SC8 (T26). Broken off.

SC9 (T27). Pig's head, wineglass-shaped like SC2, with drilled triangular eyes and damaged drilled snout.