N chancel corbel NC6 (Image courtesy of Conway Library).

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Chancel, N side corbel table (9 corbels)" at Kilpeck.

by George Zarnecki.

The table itself is decorated as (ii) above. Corbels are numbered from left to right (E to W). Thurlby's numbering seems to have gone awry in this area.

NC1 (T51). An intriguing damaged corbel, the top part entirely missing. At lower left are the hind legs and rump of a horse-like quadruped. The outline of the back part of the body remains, running diagonally up the corbel. From this, two long arms project horizontally with hands to the right. To the left a length of fabric, like a cloak curves above the animal's back. Possibly it depicted a rider on a rearing horse.

NC2 (T52). A human head, broader than its height, roughly shaped with undrilled almond eyes and open, thick-lipped mouth.

NC3 (T53). A similarly sketched out human head with pointed chin, open mouth and broad brow with hair shown as reeding running back from the browline.

NC4 (T58). Simple human head shaped like the bowl of a wineglass, with oval drilled eyes, the left set higher than the right.

NC5 (T57). Female head with drilled almond eyes, triangular nose and small straight mouth. The head is draped with parallel ridges running around the crown and down the sides.

NC6 (T56). Human head without ears and with undrilled almond eyes. The nose is broad at the tip and a long moustache runs down to the jawline. The mouth is small and damaged, and there is a triangle at the centre of the hairline.

NC7 (T55). Simple human head with drilled almond eyes and a cap of reeded hair, similar to NC3.

NC8. Not recorded by Thurlby. Composite human head similar to NC6, but with cat's ears and a moustache that twirls up at the tips.

NC9 (T.59). Broken off.