N nave corbel NN2 (Image courtesy of Conway Library).

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Nave, N side corbel table (18 corbels)" at Kilpeck.

by George Zarnecki.

The table itself is decorated as (iv) above. Corbels are numbered from left to right (E to W).

NN1 (T60). Human head damaged through the loss of the upper part of the face, including the eyes and nose. The hair runs in straight ridges and there are small ears, similar in both respects to SN2. The cheeks are subtly carved, the mouth is straight and the chin heavy and rounded.

NN2 (T61). Male human head with tufts of hair on the head and curls forming a beard around the entire jawline. The eyes are oval, bulging and undrilled, set in sockets with beaded eyebrows above. The cheeks are puffy and outlined below by a nasolabial ridge. The nose is long, straight and slender and the mouth straight and wide with lips slightly parted.

NN3 (T62). Bird standing in right profile, the right claw raised. Wings are folded and long with ridges for feathers and the long tail is similarly treated. The rest of the body and head, and the root end of the wing are covered with small fishscale. The beak is hooked.

NN4 (T63). Beast head, possibly a sheep with fishscale wool on top of the head, rounded ears, bulging oval undrilled eyes surrounded by ridges and a doglike snout. A band or strap of roll profile passes right around the mouth, with an end hanging down on the left.

NN5 (T64). Composite human bust with rounded beast's ears. It holds an object resembling an inverted bowl in its wide open mouth with both hands, apparently eating it. It has bulging oval drilled eyes surrounded by ridges and nasolabial ridges defining the lower edges of the bulging cheeks.

NN6 (T65). A stag with long antlers running up the corbel, show in right profile. Thurlby identifies it with the Bestiary 'cervus' and, following Isidore's account, interprets it in terms of the good man's confession of sins and love of his neighbour rather than Christ's recognition and expulsion of the devil, as in the older Physiologus tradition.

NN7 (T66). Composite human /beast head with cat's ears, bulging oval drilled eyes surrounded by ridges and nasolabial ridges defining the lower edges of the cheeks. The nose is straight and humanoid, and the wide-open mouth holds a small human head.

NN8 (T67). A foliage design of two triple-reeded stems emerging from a clasp at bottom centre and curving, branching and interlacing more or less symmetrically to fill the surface with a foliage interlace terminating in a pair of furled leaves at the upper angles. A loss at top left has removed one of these.

NN9 (T68). A long composite human /beast head with rounded hollowed-out ears, almond undrilled eyes with surrounding ridges, nasolabial ridges defining the lower edges of the cheeks, a nose flaring out into broad drilled nostrils, a straight closed mouth and a long chin surrounded by a wispy beard of curly tufts surrounding the entire jawline.

NN10 (T69). A monstrous beast head with rounded hollowed-out ears and oval undrilled eyes surrounded by concentric ridges that form a design on the cheeks, reaching down as far as the lips, which are very thick. The mouth is huge and open, and devours a human head.

NN11 (T70). Two fish swimming up the corbel. That on the left is covered in fishscale, while the right fish has a smooth body. Each has gills and a pair of fins just behind, with another pair just before the tail. Thurlby points out that a single fish was used as a symbol of Christ. The zodiac sign of Pisces was more normally shown as a pair of fish swimming in opposite directions, as on the label of the S doorway.

NN12. (T71). Male human head with bulging oval undrilled eyes, ears high on the head, straight nose, small closed mouth, straplike moustache and a short beard running right around the jawline. He wears a cap with horizontal reeding.

NN13 (T72). A horse's head with bridle.

NN14 (T73). A standing bird in right profile, its head turned back and a hooked beak. The wing is crescent-shaped and ridged with fishscale at the root end; the tail long and ridged.

NN15 (T74). Stag as corbel NN6.

NN16 (T75). Human male head wearing a cap decorated with concentric reeding. His easy are bulging and undrilled, surrounded by naturalistic upper and lower lids with convincingly tooled eyebrows. The ears are rather high. The nose is broken off and he has a neat moustache and shirt jawline beard, both tooled with parallel reeding.

NN17 (T76). A serpent twined into a simple knot. Its body is smooth and there is a large loss at the upper left of the corbel.

NN18 (T77). Two-stem beaded interlace forming a symmetrical pattern and rising from a beaded clasp at bottom centre.