Nave, W front, corbels 5-6.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: W front corbel table (12 corbels)" at Kilpeck.

by Ron Baxter.

The table itself is decorated as (iv) above. Corbels are numbered from left to right (N to S).

W1 (T78). An inverted pear-shaped female human head with long hair, shown as straight parallel ridges centrally parted with a widow's peak on the crown and falling in long ringlets on either side. The eyes are oval and drilled, and surrounded by a ridge. Ears are alongside the eyes, the cheeks are full, the nose is long and straight and the mouth short, straight and closed. The chin is very long and tapers to a rounded end.

W2 (T79). A male human head with hair like that on the crown of W1, and similar eyes and ears. The cheeks are full and the nose is broken at the tip and he has a long handlebar moustache above a short, closed mouth, and a short rounded chin with a short jawline beard.

W3 (T80). The corbel decoration is lost and the corbel itself generally eroded.

W4 (T81). Ram's head similar to A16.

W5 (T82). Male human head similar to W2.

W6 (T83). Grotesque serpent's head and neck, all covered with reeded striations. Reeded wrinkles also surround the eyes. The mouth is very wide open and may once have contained a human head, now broken off.

W7 (T84). Doglike beast head, badly eroded, with small pointed ears, oval eyes surrounded by wrinkles which continue on the sides of the squarish snout, and a round, open mouth at the end of the snout, apparently showing the tongue, now broken off.

W8 (T85). Bird's head devouring a small human figure which protrudes on either side, the upper body and head on the left and the legs on the right. The bird is smoothly finished with almond undrilled eyes.

W9 (T86). Intertwined serpents formed into a ball-shaped knot.

W10 (T87). A goat's head with striated horns curving back and round eyes.

W11 (T88). Male human head looking up, with undrilled oval eyes in deep sockets, hair in short curls and a beard around the jawline in a series of curly tufts. The nose is straight and broken at the tip, and nasiolabial ridges define the full cheeks. The mouth is straight with lips just open.

W12 (T89). Similar to W11 but looking down.