S chancel window, corbel reused as W label stop (Image courtesy of Conway Library).

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels reused as label stops in chancel, S window" at Kilpeck.

by George Zarnecki.

The window is 13thc., pointed and trefoil headed with a label, and positioned immediately to the west of a pilaster buttress. Two 12thc. human head corbels have been cut down at the top and inserted as label stops. This has necessitated cutting away the buttress to accommodate the east corbel.

W corbel: A king with a crown. The head is beardless with no ears, undrilled oval eyes, nose barely indicated, a close-lipped mouth with a slight smile and a cleft chin. The carving is simple and schematic, as in corbels NC2-NC4.

E corbel: A worn, grotesque human head retaining traces of hair and a chin beard, both of tufted curls. Eyes are undrileed and oval, and the cheeks are defined by a moustache-like ridge. The lips are slightly parted. Similar to SN8.