Nave, NW side, dragon corbel.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Dragon's head, nave NW angle." at Kilpeck.

by Ron Baxter.

One of three on the W facade, all projecting to the W. It consists of a block with a chamfered lower edge set into the N face of the buttress at the NW angle of the nave at corbel-table level. From this projects a tall and long but thin dragon's head, its mouth wide open to reveal a tongue, horizontal at its root then curving down to meet the lower jaw and terminating in a spiral that touches the upper jaw towards the tip. The tongue is smooth but eroded, and the sides of the head are decorated with parallel ridges following the jawlines. The underside of the lower jaw has transverse reeding. The eyes are oval and drilled. The upper jaw curves upwards at its tip and the lower jaw downwards. The tip of the lower jaw is broken off. The main (N) face of the chamfered block set into the buttress is decorated with three smooth horizontal scrolling stems with side-shoots and three-lobed leaves, the stems joined by clasps where they touch. On the chamfer below is a similar single scrolling stem.