Stoup, base, dragon's head.

Image of the feature "Other: Holy water stoup" at Kilpeck.

by Ron Baxter.

The stoup came from a chapel in the Forest of Treville (N of Wormbridge). It is set under the chancel arch, alongside the N respond. In form it consists of a bowl carried on an inverted bowl with a fat roll between them. The upper bowl has a pair of human hands and arms carved in relief, as if they were resting on a stomach, while the base is carved with four serpents' heads spaced around it, all with heads downwards. The best preserved of these is at the SE. The rim of the upper bowl is damaged and irregular, and the bowl is unlined.


ext. diameter of bowl at rim 0.36 m
h. of base (max.) 0.20 m
h. of central roll 0.09 m
h. of upper bowl (max.) 0.28 m
int. diameter of bowl at rim 0.25 - 0.27 m
overall h. of stoup (max.) 0.57 m